Future Assembly is levelling up...

Hi Future Family!

We’ve some big news to share with everyone! After many many nights of great deliberation, the team here at Future Assembly have decided to take an intermission for the 2017 event. We must say, this was no easy decision.

Before we dove head-first into creating the very first Future Assembly back in 2015, the co-founders (Brendan, Ben, Andrew) all agreed that whatever we created needed to have a remarkably positive impact on (and off) our planet. We often talked about reinventing the World's Fair and Tony Starking the **** out of it.

We weren’t kidding either.

We were obsessed. 6 months later, after way too much caffeine, wading through an industry we were all inexperienced in, we launched our pilot. We were ecstatic.

Two successful events later, with thousands of attendees, breaking national news, and trending on every event day, we set our sights on Future Assembly 2017. Applications came in quick-fast. We were moving at top speed.

Despite that, we kept catching ourselves reflecting on our original vision to make emergent technology accessible and hands-on at scale. It became apparent after much consideration that bootstrapping and relying on organic growth (as we were) was not the way to achieve that vision. We knew we needed to take careful, tactical steps so we could plan for the growth required to run the festival the world has been dreaming of.

So finally, here we are — on hiatus to take this to the next level. Please watch this space.

We love you all, and we’ll see you in the future!

Andrew, Brendan and Ben.

Andrew Chin


Ben Richardson


Brendan White


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